One Day That Changed My Life debuts on BBC One

Flicker Productions new day time series One Day That Changed My Life debuted on BBC last week winning the 9.15 am BARB slot and received critical acclaim.

Each of us has experienced a moment that altered the course of our life for ever – quite often it’s to do with our health or career. After 18 months of training, former nurse Laura, for instance, is taking her final test before becoming a train driver, while Carol, who was once a concert violinist, is undergoing surgery that will hopefully restore her hearing. They’re two of the four people in the first programme of this daily series (future ones see a couple hoping to become foster parents and a man hearing whether his cancer has returned) and, of course, it’s an emotional ride.


New series. Following people as they go through pivotal experiences, beginning with a concert violinist undergoing surgery that could restore her hearing. Jo Joyner narrates.


Narrator Jo Joyner

Executive Producer Colleen Flynn

Executive Producer Liz Foley

Producer Kate South

Series Director Clare Smithies